Countless blessings

We have countless blessings but no gratitude while most of the underprivileged have so less, yet they’re content and carrying on with patience. I share this thought, I’m sure most of us do. And Shaista has nicely poured it down in words.


Life is a journey of different phases each phase comprising of its own flavor of experience of sour and sweet mix of life. The irony is that we have such a short span of attention that in moments of ups where we are joyously in comfort and content with life we tend to forget the sorrows and hardships that we went through to reach to this state of fulfillment and there are thousands if not millions who are still working hard with honestly and dignity to make a living and they are still merely just getting by.

Today Karachi experienced second day of rainfall nothing too drastic but a slight drizzle often result in chaotic predicament in this city of lights. On such days travelling on the roads of Karachi filled with still water and litter covering its surface, gutters adding water to this little pound of filth and children…

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Liveblog: Xbox Head Phil Spencer Talks About The Future Of Gaming On Windows And Xbox


While I think that windows 10 needs a rebranding as WinX, its package of Dx12 and seamless streaming of Xbox is mouthwatering. Plus Microsoft is going to release an adapter to use the Xbox One controller wirelessly with your PC.

Other than above-mentioned goodness which is on the way in 2015, what makes me happy is the fact that I might see a subtle harmony between a console, a pc & a Augmented Reality (Microsoft Hololens).

During 2015 If Microsoft starts to syncs all 3 devices (PC, Xbox, Hololens) in such a seamless way that our boundaries of each hardware start to fade then it will be an achievement. Because I see a great potential in turning this trio into an irresistible service offering rather than each serving as separate hardware.

Plus I’d like my PC to stream to MS Hololens, so I can start playing Dota2 in Augmented Reality & cast spells with cool custom hand gestures or may be use wireless controller. So that’s that. ;D