I’ve made my mom smile, i can peacefully die now – Have you made your mom smile lately ?

Have you recently told your mom how much you love her & what she means to you ?

If its been couple of months or years since you’ve told your mom that you love her beyond anything else in the world, then you must go tell her right now.

I really mean right now, go tell her or text her or call her or write on her facebook wall or email her or convey it somehow but do it rightaway.

You might think its useless to tell her & she might just say i love you too son/daughter, but deep down inside she will definitely be wanting to hear it for so long.

I’m not saying that these words can fulfill your responsibilities towards her.
These words can, in no way, pay off what she did for you. However this is the only thing that can give her happiness beyond imagination.

I make her smile every now & then, i keep telling her what she means to me. When she reads or hears it, her face starts glowing, as if God has nourished & renewed her soul.
Nothing else can bring the smile on her face, which my 3 words can bring.

Love mothers & tell them that you love them more than anything else. They are the best gift of God on earth.


Author: M. Umar Muzaffar

Tech enthusiast, Internet fanatic, blogger, hardcore gamer & Sheldon Cooper fan. I'm a business graduate & marketer having entrepreneurial tendencies.

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