Instill the true sense of Love for Prophet s.a.w.

Is it Muharram ? Oh its for Shias only. Is it Rabiul Awwal ? Oh now is the turn for Sunnis to claim ‘Love for Prophet’. Isn’t this the way we muslims behave now ?

I ask myself. What is the subject matter here ? Love for Prophet, his family & companions, right.

So irrespective of the fact that we are Sunni or Shia, and among Sunnis it doesn’t really matter if we’re Barailvi or Deobandi. What matters is that we all love Prophet Muhammad s.a.w & his family & companions.

Imagine for a second the day after Hijrat, when Prophet s.a.w made Ansaar (The Helpers) & Muhajireen (The Emigrants) brothers to one another. If we truly love Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. we need to become brothers with one another so that we can make Prophet Muhammad s.a.w proud & happy. Our roots are the same, Prophet, Family of Prophet & Companions of Prophet, and they all were compassionate, so if we truly love Prophet, his family & his companions, then lets show love for each other. Please instill the true sense of love for Prophet Muhammad s.a.w within yourselves.


Author: M. Umar Muzaffar

Tech enthusiast, Internet fanatic, blogger, hardcore gamer & Sheldon Cooper fan. I'm a business graduate & marketer having entrepreneurial tendencies.

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