Most precious love of a muslim: Ka’aba’tullah.

Okay so here I am again trying to keep up the promise I made with myself. Firstly, I am missing Makkah so very much. I got back from Haj (pilgrimage) a few months ago and I am missing & thinking about every moment I spent in the two most holiest of mosques for muslims (i.e Mosque of the Prophet aka Masjid ul Nabavi & Masjid ul Haram. If I were a jumper, I would jump to Masjid ul Haram & offer every prayer in front of Ka’aba.

It happens with almost every haji (pilgrim) that whenever he is near Ka’aba he knows that this is the best moment of his life & he tries to cherish it but the feeling he gets when he comes back home, thousands of miles away from Ka’aba is inexplainable. He wants to weep like a little child and run back to Ka’aba.


Author: M. Umar Muzaffar

Tech enthusiast, Internet fanatic, blogger, hardcore gamer & Sheldon Cooper fan. I'm a business graduate & marketer having entrepreneurial tendencies.

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