Are real spies as talented and lethal as the characters depicted in movies, such as Jason Bourne?

Answer by Anonymous:

These agents are known as Specialized Skills Officers.

They operate in a division of the CIA's National Clandestine Service called the Special Activities Division.

The NCS direct-action arm is the Special Activities Division, which conducts raids, ambushes, sabotage, assassinations, unconventional warfare and psychological operations ("covert influence") in denied areas.

Within SAD, there is a small, secretive unit known as Special Operations Group that is responsible for paramilitary operations.

Agents do not carry objects or clothing that might associate them with the US government. If they are compromised during a mission, the government is likely to deny all knowledge. The SOG is generally considered the most secretive special operations force in the United States. The group selects operatives from Delta Force, DEVGRU, 24th STS and other special operations forces from within the U.S. military. SOG operatives account for the majority of the stars displayed on the Memorial Wall at CIA headquarters.

Specialized Skills Officers are recruited for having extraordinary mental and physical abilities. These operatives have extensive formal education (often to support non-official cover), don't look "military" and would be as comfortable having a political conversation in Arabic as they would be on a HALO infiltration. They are trained to operate in any environment with limited to no support.

SSOs are the closest thing to Jason Bourne outside of Hollywood.

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