All because of you — I am.

Father’s day just passed & now its 21st June which is my dad’s birthday so..


I’m missing you alot my friend, my mentor, my everything.

U2’s song ALL BECAUSE OF YOU represents exactly how i feel about you dad, this is for you.

You’ve been my hero & you’ll continue to be.

I want you to know that:

I was born a child of grace
Nothing else about the place
Everything was ugly but your beautiful face
And it left me no illusion

I saw you in the curve of the moon
In the shadow cast across my room
You heard me in my tune
When I just heard confusion




Deep down inside i’m one of the biggest fans of Mehdi Hassan.

I was listening to this ghazal (Pyaar Bharay Do Sharmeelay Nain) of Ustad Mehdi Hasan about 10 minutes ago, i listened to it after quite a while & i love it so much that i thought to share it, then another ghazal of him got my eye (Zindagi mai to sabhi pyaar kia kartay hain) and i found that this one is also melodious so lets share it too on social networking sites so that my fellow friends could also listen to it.
When i was about to share these two songs, another song of Ustaad Mehdi Hassan tickled the strings of my heart & then another song & then another & then another & all these songs got into my playlist, now i was wondering which one to share & which i can spare…

I had like 7-8 of Ustad Mehdi Hassan’s songs lined up in my playlist & i was confused which one to share because each one of it was so beautiful & melodious that i was unable to leave any one of those unshared, so i thought to write a post about Ustad Mehdi Hassan (also known as Khan Sahib).

Ustad Mehdi Hassan is a Pakistani ghazal singer and a former playback singer for Lollywood. He is known as the ‘King of Ghazal’ (Shehenshaah-e-ghazal : شہنشاہِ غزل). He has ruled the Pakistan film industry for so long. He was hounoured with countless awards all across the globe, some of them are:

Nigar Film Awards
Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance & Hilal-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan
The Saigal Award in Jalandhar, India, in 1979
Gorkha Dakshina Bahu by Government of Nepal.

His much more successes came after the hardships he faced in order to get at this place. The accolades he received and the love & respect he gathered from all over the world cannot be squeezed into one post. I’ll now quickly come to the main reason which inspired this post, i.e Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan Sahib’s legendary music. From those eight ghazals which i placed into my playlist, i’m sharing these 4 ghazals. These are my favourites among the ghazals sung by him.

Listen & Enjoy.
Zindagi Mai to Sabhi Pyaar Kia Kartay Hain

Ranjish hi Sahi Dil hi Dukhanay k Leay Aaa.

Muhabbat Karnay Walay Kam na Hongay

Ku Baku Phail Gai

I’ve made my mom smile, i can peacefully die now – Have you made your mom smile lately ?

Have you recently told your mom how much you love her & what she means to you ?

If its been couple of months or years since you’ve told your mom that you love her beyond anything else in the world, then you must go tell her right now.

I really mean right now, go tell her or text her or call her or write on her facebook wall or email her or convey it somehow but do it rightaway.

You might think its useless to tell her & she might just say i love you too son/daughter, but deep down inside she will definitely be wanting to hear it for so long.

I’m not saying that these words can fulfill your responsibilities towards her.
These words can, in no way, pay off what she did for you. However this is the only thing that can give her happiness beyond imagination.

I make her smile every now & then, i keep telling her what she means to me. When she reads or hears it, her face starts glowing, as if God has nourished & renewed her soul.
Nothing else can bring the smile on her face, which my 3 words can bring.

Love mothers & tell them that you love them more than anything else. They are the best gift of God on earth.

It could be just the thing that can make you smile in the worst of times.

Have you ever wondered how beautiful it is. It could be just the thing when you need a smile. Have you ever been lucky enough that a friend tells you how  he/she likes it. It makes you realize what a tiny but most precious treasure you have.. your name.

April Fool – Clearing the Myths & Stories..

Let me start by portraying an average debate on 1st April..

Hey ! Its 1st April – lets play a prank on someone. No No, don’t you know Christians fooled Muslims (they sent spies & made muslims addict of alcohol & cigarettes & thus conqured Spain’s last Muslim statelet of Granada) on this date & now they celebrate that by playing pranks.

And this debate continues as to who’s wrong & who’s right & whether they should play a prank or not …

Well ! To begin with, playing a harmless prank on April 1st or on any other date might not look bad, untill we realize that such pranks have no place in Islam because this practice encourages people to tell a lie.

Secondly, Spain’s last Muslim statelet of Granada was lost not on April 1, but on January 2, 1492. – End of story !!

So thinking that Muslims got fooled this day would render you fooled by your lack of knowledge about history & if one continues playing pranks, he/she would inculcate a harmful habit of telling harmless lies.

In the link below, Mr.Muhammad Tariq Ghazi explains with detailed references clearing all the myths & stories that have fooled our minds regarding April Fool.


Technology = Trouble. :\

I know i know, its a biased statement. But let me explain as to why i’m passing such statement. Since i’m currently frustrated because these lifeless chipsets have gone haywire. These are really reacting in a stupid manner.

I have this SATA HDD 80gb, day before yesterday i was using it as my secondary hard drive & it was working perfectly, untill yesterday when i unplugged it & plugged it into a friend’s pc, viola it got detected in BIOS, we can see it in Device Manager too, but out of nowhere it freakes me out by telling me that it cannot be seen in My Computer & hence its ‘unbrowseable’.

Well ! I returned to my place, mounted the 80gb SATA HDD onto my board & it was doing the same messed up stupid thing, detecting it in BIOS & Device Manager etc but not visible in My Computer.

Oh Allah s.w.t ! I have read 3-4 dozen internet tech based forums since last night, read almost 30-40 solutions, had one friend do the Remote Desktop thingy & try luck, but in vain. It is stuck !

Smiling at me, showing me faces, teasing me, telling me that here i am, detectable but i’m unbrowseable. Stupid SerialATA. :\

This is ridiculous !

The more advanced technology is getting, the more complicated, risky, delicate & vulnerable its becoming.
Therefore Technology = Trouble

I’ll head back to forums & online support centres & will consult pro techies.. I’m hoping to get it fixed in a few days, then after such a long gap i’ll install & play Assassins Creed II, Medal of Honour, Splinter Cell Conviction & NFS Hot Pursuit with my brand new Radeon HD 4850 512mb 256bits & 2 gig RAM.. 😉