Amplify ! Seems like it’ll work for me…

Lets see what ‘Amplify’ [] has got, i’m hoping it can be a helpful ‘Micro-Multiple-Blogging-Service**’ for me. (**I invented this weird word, don’t google it. :P)


“Hit me with your best shot”, Doneky.

Eddie Murphy has done it again, in Shrek 4 – Forever After.

Eddie Murphy is doing voice over for donkey & has done a terrific job. I believe without this character, Shrek would’ve been shredded.

I recently watched this movie & it is extremely hilarious, the script written for Donkey is great. The storyline was ok too. Its a must watch if you’re tensed or had a bad day. This could probably make you laugh your ass off.

Try it. 😉

Here’s a trailer to start with ..

2011: What’s new – that i gotta do..

New year has come

New age has spun

New lessons to learn

Some pictures to burn

New things to do

Gotta be more true

New friends to make

Bad habits to break

TwentyTen ( 2010) just flew

The sky will again be blue

The stars will come out to shine

If 2010 was yours, 2011 is mine.



Challenge for 2011: Postaday – Awesome ! ;)

It was the third time when i logged into wordpress since morning, wow ! i’m starting to blog more often. Its good for me, i kinda like it.

I saw this Postaday thing at wordpress, perfect ! perfect for bloggers who want to blog more often & enjoy doing it.

I’m deciding i should give it a try, i should blog daily or atleast more often like every alternate day etc. I’m looking forward to go fishing in the pool of my mind every day.

Well ! I haven’t done fishing before, can i use earthworm at the pool of my mind ? I wonder why ‘earth’worm is used to catch something which is in ‘water’.

~Muhammad Umar Muzaffar

Theme of your blog or wallpaper of your room !

Isnt choosing your blog’s theme just like choosing your room’s wallpaper ?

The only thing different would be that in case of blog, the ‘undo’ expenses are almost zero.

How much a wallpaper (in case of your room) & theme (in case of your blog) can speak for you.. I suppose it can telll that person’s frame of mind at the moment, theme or wallpaper is more like a reflection of the your personality, your inclination towards life, the way you see things & the way you want them to be.

These are not random colours, they hold significance. Hmm, so here i go, atlast chose a theme, did some alterations & its done.


As’salamu Alaekum i.e Peace be upon you.

Yeah ! AsA* & Hello there, probably only to me at this time. Just getting this mind of mine together to sort things out & loose some irrelevant to-do’s from my desk..

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

-MalcolmX [Elhaaj Malik Al-Shahbaaz]

But some other wise men like Ruumi, said something like this: To ‘live’ in the present, one must burn his past & future.

I’m still figuring out that from both these ideas what perception do i subscribe to.


*AsA/AoA etc are acronyms used for ‘As’salamu Alaekum’, its an arabic phrase which muslims use while greeting each other, its english translation would be ‘Peace be upon you’.