Challenge for 2011: Postaday – Awesome ! ;)

It was the third time when i logged into wordpress since morning, wow ! i’m starting to blog more often. Its good for me, i kinda like it.

I saw this Postaday thing at wordpress, perfect ! perfect for bloggers who want to blog more often & enjoy doing it.

I’m deciding i should give it a try, i should blog daily or atleast more often like every alternate day etc. I’m looking forward to go fishing in the pool of my mind every day.

Well ! I haven’t done fishing before, can i use earthworm at the pool of my mind ? I wonder why ‘earth’worm is used to catch something which is in ‘water’.

~Muhammad Umar Muzaffar


Theme of your blog or wallpaper of your room !

Isnt choosing your blog’s theme just like choosing your room’s wallpaper ?

The only thing different would be that in case of blog, the ‘undo’ expenses are almost zero.

How much a wallpaper (in case of your room) & theme (in case of your blog) can speak for you.. I suppose it can telll that person’s frame of mind at the moment, theme or wallpaper is more like a reflection of the your personality, your inclination towards life, the way you see things & the way you want them to be.

These are not random colours, they hold significance. Hmm, so here i go, atlast chose a theme, did some alterations & its done.