the way I am..

We all thank God for giving us food, shelter, family etc but we rarely thank God for our personality, that intangible self which lies beneath our skin, call it spirit, soul, inner self or anything. We rarely ponder on how carefully God has made our inner self. It bears so many qualities that become tangible habits/behaviour. I thank God for making me the way I am.


Instill the true sense of Love for Prophet s.a.w.

Is it Muharram ? Oh its for Shias only. Is it Rabiul Awwal ? Oh now is the turn for Sunnis to claim ‘Love for Prophet’. Isn’t this the way we muslims behave now ?

I ask myself. What is the subject matter here ? Love for Prophet, his family & companions, right.

So irrespective of the fact that we are Sunni or Shia, and among Sunnis it doesn’t really matter if we’re Barailvi or Deobandi. What matters is that we all love Prophet Muhammad s.a.w & his family & companions.

Imagine for a second the day after Hijrat, when Prophet s.a.w made Ansaar (The Helpers) & Muhajireen (The Emigrants) brothers to one another. If we truly love Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. we need to become brothers with one another so that we can make Prophet Muhammad s.a.w proud & happy. Our roots are the same, Prophet, Family of Prophet & Companions of Prophet, and they all were compassionate, so if we truly love Prophet, his family & his companions, then lets show love for each other. Please instill the true sense of love for Prophet Muhammad s.a.w within yourselves.

Attention Gamers! Meet these 4 persons who gave life to ‘Gaming’..

1. Shigeru Miyamoto

  • Created Mario
  • Visionary behind Zelda. The Legend of Zelda was the RPG (Role-playing Game) which took RPGs to a greater height.

2. Hideo Kojima

  • Contributed to making games more cinematic.
  • Giving life & story to games by inculcating incredible cut scenes.
  • Major work: Metal Gear

3. John Carmack

  • Godfather of FPS (First Person Shooter)
  • Due to him, we are now living in a world where we have first person shooters like CounterStrike Call of Duty & Battlefield2 etc.

4. Will Wright

  • Brought gaming to casual gamers, to those who just wanted to play for fun.
  • Major work: Sims


Source: MUO []…

Gotta go – i have a hangout with God..

Get afk (away from keyboard) before you get afd (away from deen/religion). If you’re arguing that the time you spend online is the time you’re praying, to certain extent you might be true but usually it doesn’t happen. So its better to get off the keyboard, get offline for a while & spend time with God.

I’m gettin late, i’m out ! I have a hangout with God..

Seeya ! 🙂

Ramadan Post Frenzy – #2. Day 8 is going GREAT !

DAY 8 is going GREAT.

Well ! I dont exactly know why i’m unintentionally charged up on Day 8 of ramadhan. Probably its because of several random reasons.

At the end of day 7, i was relaxed that my final exams are going good (only last paper left, shewh !). Came home & saw this fantastic clothing line or i would say T-shirt line (DesignMolvi).

Wearing Tshirts with motivational and/or humorous & thought provoking messages is fun. And what better can it get if those messages are Islamic. To speak my Islamic heart out, i found this awesome T-Shirt line These guys are really creative and i like their Tshirts alot (i’m not getting paid for this lol). So can someone buy a shirt for me too.. That’ll be extra good.

Moving forward, or should i say backward, because i’ve been reading for quite some time now, but didn’t get time to mention it in my blogs. Well, here it is

Muslimness seriously needs no introduction or explanation, because no matter if you are a muslim or a non-muslim, and no matter from where you belong, Muslimness will give you an epic dose of almost everything fun & islamic.

Recently i read these & i was amazed,

As for the second link [fasting for ramadan as non muslim]

I would like to mention

Bravo to him for fasting for ramadan as a non-muslim, coping with it, loving it & showing solidarity to us muslims.

Have a great DAY 8. 🙂