April Fool – Clearing the Myths & Stories..

Let me start by portraying an average debate on 1st April..

Hey ! Its 1st April – lets play a prank on someone. No No, don’t you know Christians fooled Muslims (they sent spies & made muslims addict of alcohol & cigarettes & thus conqured Spain’s last Muslim statelet of Granada) on this date & now they celebrate that by playing pranks.

And this debate continues as to who’s wrong & who’s right & whether they should play a prank or not …

Well ! To begin with, playing a harmless prank on April 1st or on any other date might not look bad, untill we realize that such pranks have no place in Islam because this practice encourages people to tell a lie.

Secondly, Spain’s last Muslim statelet of Granada was lost not on April 1, but on January 2, 1492. – End of story !!

So thinking that Muslims got fooled this day would render you fooled by your lack of knowledge about history & if one continues playing pranks, he/she would inculcate a harmful habit of telling harmless lies.

In the link below, Mr.Muhammad Tariq Ghazi explains with detailed references clearing all the myths & stories that have fooled our minds regarding April Fool.