Technology = Trouble. :\

I know i know, its a biased statement. But let me explain as to why i’m passing such statement. Since i’m currently frustrated because these lifeless chipsets have gone haywire. These are really reacting in a stupid manner.

I have this SATA HDD 80gb, day before yesterday i was using it as my secondary hard drive & it was working perfectly, untill yesterday when i unplugged it & plugged it into a friend’s pc, viola it got detected in BIOS, we can see it in Device Manager too, but out of nowhere it freakes me out by telling me that it cannot be seen in My Computer & hence its ‘unbrowseable’.

Well ! I returned to my place, mounted the 80gb SATA HDD onto my board & it was doing the same messed up stupid thing, detecting it in BIOS & Device Manager etc but not visible in My Computer.

Oh Allah s.w.t ! I have read 3-4 dozen internet tech based forums since last night, read almost 30-40 solutions, had one friend do the Remote Desktop thingy & try luck, but in vain. It is stuck !

Smiling at me, showing me faces, teasing me, telling me that here i am, detectable but i’m unbrowseable. Stupid SerialATA. :\

This is ridiculous !

The more advanced technology is getting, the more complicated, risky, delicate & vulnerable its becoming.
Therefore Technology = Trouble

I’ll head back to forums & online support centres & will consult pro techies.. I’m hoping to get it fixed in a few days, then after such a long gap i’ll install & play Assassins Creed II, Medal of Honour, Splinter Cell Conviction & NFS Hot Pursuit with my brand new Radeon HD 4850 512mb 256bits & 2 gig RAM.. 😉