Community-Based Shipping Service Roadie Launches Nationwide

Its Uber for package delivery. Smart move in a market where people are picking up the culture of pooling their resources to make/save money.


Using Tumblr: A Complementary Platform For Your Blog

To me, tumblr acts like the wall in front of my writing table; beautifully decorated by my favourite musings, quotes, favourite gifs & music, this wall or my tumblr blog brings most of the inspirational ingredients to my writing table which is WordPress. For me both WordPress & Tumblr serve their distinct purposes & they end up complimenting each other.

So, if you use both of these, you must be having a great time. Happy Blogging.

The Daily Post

So, you’ve worked hard to build your blog, have established a posting rhythm, and are comfy in your digs. Then, we tell you about ways to promote your work and get yourself out there: Facebook pages! Twitter and LinkedIn accounts! Pinterest boards!

Must you create more? Must you do All The Things?

The short answer? No. While we offer advice and resources on how to blog more and better, you don’t have to do, well, anything. But we want to lay out all these tools and possibilities, and you can pick and choose what’s right for you. Today, let’s talk about how you can use another platform — Tumblr — as a complementary space for your blog, and to expand your online presence and reach.

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